So... blogging. I've only missed this train by about 10 years but better late than never right?

So who am I? My name is Gustaf Waldemarson, a guy who enjoys working with various software related topics in my spare time. I also try to keep my artistic spirit up by occasionally dabbling in graphics, design and various other things that I hope to share right here on this blog!

Naturally, one usually needs a job as well. Currently, I'm employed as a modelling engineer by ARM. By which I mean I help computer hardware designers model computer hardware, using software. And yes, it really is that kind of abstract.

Luckily though, I sometimes get some special projects to take care of, such as creating demos of the hardware. One of which has even found its way out to YouTube:

So why start up this site in the first place? Well, as a software engineer I pretty much need to maintain some kind of online presence. Either as a kind of portfolio or a way to market whatever company I'm working with in. Hopefully, this effort will eventually either move me to new interesting projects!

So what's going to happen now? For now, this website will probably become a portfolio-like website with a blog tacked on to it but that may change over time. For the time being, I intend to create tutorial-like blog-entries describing some of the things I've done to setup the server that's actually running this website.

But... I think this is more than enough for a first entry.

See you another time!


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