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There's been a few times over the years when I wanted to install an Emacs package that was not available on any of the common package distributers, such as GNU ELPA or MELPA. Most recently I wanted to install llvm-mode, but that package have recently been removed due to the size of the llvm repository. Previously, I would have just ended up not using the package at all or possibly adding the package to my own configuration repository if I really wanted to use it. This time however, I decided to try to figure out what it would take to setup your own Emacs package distribution server, and as it turns out, with a pre-existing webserver, there's only a few file conventions that need to be fulfilled on the host and client sides to do just that.

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The Simple-Minded Indentation Engine

I've written a few major-modes for Emacs over the years, and every time I start on a new one I take a look at the smie documentation and conclude that it seems too complicated to add a proper indentation engine for the mode.

This time however, I've had enough. It's time to get my hands dirty and write a major mode that utilizes smie.

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Set Variable in Hook

I've just recently started to use helm-dash for most of my documentation look-ups. I did however find it a bit awkward to configure. For it to work its magic, each major-mode should helm-dash-docsets to a list of strings with the docsets it should activate. The most straightforward way that I found to do this was this:

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Clang Format

I often write code in C or C++ and frequently use clang-format to automatically format the code I'm writing. Although, occasionally I get into a situation where I should use a different coding style while I'm in a particular subdirectory.

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Ergodox Infinity


As a software engineer, I spend a rather large amount of time coding or at least thinking about code at work. So much in fact, that I'm having some difficulty focusing on personal coding projects in my spare time.

For that reason, I started to realize that doing nothing but software projects might not be a terribly good idea. At best, I would probably get tired of all the software I would have to manage nad at worst I would likely burn myself out. To that end, I decided it was about time to do a real hardware project instead and finally get at least moderately proficient with a soldering iron.

But what kind of project should I do then?

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Commenting is really a cornerstone of the free and open web, so it's really about time I enabled it for this blog.

I was thinking of using isso as a commenting server, thus having complete control of the entire webstack, but in the end, I decided it was bit too much of a hassle for such a small site this, so I simply decided to configure Nikola to use disqus instead.

Still, if I ever change my mind I can always export things from disqus, so moving things over to isso shouldn't be too dificult.

Printf Format Highlighting

Most of my work is done in either C or C++, so I frequently use the printf family of functions to write a wide variety of stuff to the display. Naturally, I'd like the format specifiers to stand out from the rest of the characters in the strings, so for the longest time I used this piece of elisp code to achieve that:

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Emacs, Elisp and Org Mode

I have a confession to make.

I'm sort of an Emacs fanatic.

Well, perhaps fanatic is a strong word but it does reflect the manner in which I try to integrate my whole workflow into and around it. And so far, I rarely ever have to leave the leave Emacs or the terminal. Best of all, I almost never have move my hand those dreadful decimeters to the right to use the mouse.

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