Photon Mapping Superluminal Particles

Eurographics - Short Papers (Norrköping, Sweden, May 25-29, 2020), pp. 5-8
Single charged particle inside a Cornell box. Many charged particles with cylinders of varying refractive index. Rendering of our Reed reactor model.


One type of light source that remains largely unexplored in the field of light transport rendering is the light generated by superluminal particles, a phenomenon more commonly known as Cherenkov radiation. By re-purposing the Frank-Tamm equation for rendering, the energy output of these particles can be estimated and consequently mapped to photons, making it possible to visualize the brilliant blue light characteristic of the effect. In this paper we extend a stochastic progressive photon mapper and simulate the emission of superluminal particles from a source object close to a medium with a high index of refraction. In practice, the source is treated as a new kind of light source, allowing us to efficiently reuse existing photon mapping methods.


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